A little more about objective immutable truths and subjective immutable truths

Objective Immutable Truths: Objective immutable truths refer to facts and principles that exist independent of personal beliefs, opinions, or perspectives. These truths are universally accepted and remain constant regardless of individual interpretations. They are grounded in objective reality and can be verified through evidence, logic, and empirical observations. Objective immutable truths are consistent across different cultures, contexts, and time periods. Examples of objective immutable truths include scientific laws (e.g., the

Unveiling Immutable Truths: AI and the Quest for Unbiased ChatGPT

In the rapidly evolving landscape of artificial intelligence (AI), machines have made significant strides in mimicking human intelligence and understanding. Chatbots have become prominent conversational agents among various AI applications, with ChatGPT leading the pack. Understanding the concept of immutable truths and their crucial role in shaping the development of unbiased AI systems is imperative. Understanding Immutable Truths: Immutable truths are fundamental principles or facts that are unchangeable, regardless of

Why is Pandora’s Box delayed?

The simple reason is that I’ve been concentrating on my day job. The longer explanation is that I’ve been learning about AI, neural networking, and generative pre-trained transformers. I’m especially interested in the concepts of objective immutable truths, subjective immutable truths, and how to maintain “truthiness” over many natural language models. The StrikeForce books have always been a bit of Elmore Leonard, a dash of modern technothriller, an homage to