Just the facts

Remember the TV show, Dragnet?  “Just the facts, Ma’am.”   Writing is not about facts. Writing is about taking the reader on a mental/emotional journey. It’s why facts aren’t stories. It’s why plot should speak to the character’s motivations in a way the reader will relate to. If you can’t do that, at least be funny.

Speaking of writing…

I love writing scenes with Dewey Green. He’s one of my favorite characters. The scenes practically write themselves. Here’s a sample from StrikeForce Reborn.   Eric was sitting at his desk, staring at the pages of emails awaiting his approval when a knocking came from his office door. He glanced up from his monitor and rubbed at his eyes. “Come in.” Dewey Green slowly opened the door and entered, staring

Why I like writing Sam Harlan’s POV

When I wrote Come What May, I fell in love with the unreliable narrator POV. Sam Fisher/Harlan is an unreliable narrator. There are clues to this sprinkled throughout the book. He wants to be a vampire hunter, but that doesn’t mean he’s capable of hunting vampires. Sam is faced with a new set of choices in Hard Times. One reviewer said Sam seems “slow.” I would argue he’s as realistically