I love writing scenes with Dewey Green. He’s one of my favorite characters. The scenes practically write themselves. Here’s a sample from StrikeForce Reborn.


Eric was sitting at his desk, staring at the pages of emails awaiting his approval when a knocking came from his office door. He glanced up from his monitor and rubbed at his eyes. “Come in.”

Dewey Green slowly opened the door and entered, staring around at the cavernous space, his eyes finally resting on the old-fashioned wooden chair across from Eric’s desk. “Uh…”

“Dewey Green,” Eric said.

Dewey gave Eric a faltering smile. “Eric Wise.”



“Stop doing that.”

“Stop doing that!”

Eric slammed his fist against the oak desk. “I’m not in the mood for games, Dewey.”

“Well, you started it,” Dewey said with righteous indignation.

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