Happy Thanksgiving! I’m roughly 10k words into the new Project StrikeForce novel, Pandora’s Box. I’ve already scrapped about 15k words. The plot has shifted and evolved until it’s something completely different than what I started with. I’ve had this happen before, but never this badly.

On the positive side, I’m back to hitting my word count. For all of you who wondered about the special relationship a writer has with his/her keyboard, I can assure you that it’s a “big deal” and also “quite intimate.” I spent the last several months buying and trying different keyboards to replace my trusty MS Ergo 4000 keyboard until I finally settled on a suitable replacement. If only I could beam the words directly to the page!

On the other hand, if I beamed the twisted stories in my head to the page, the output of sick and demented novels would rise considerably.

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