Why rewriting is fun

So, if the first draft is putting the clay on the wheel, then rewriting is where you shape that amorphous glob into a bowl or a vase. And, here’s a for instance for you… I have two characters, and they interact.  Subconsciously, I clearly wanted there to be some kind of romantic relationship to exist, based upon the descriptions and the way they act. It’s during the rewrite that I

Vampire novel finally finished

Time to put it aside for a month or two and go work on something else. I’m feeling a little let down.  A sense of loss, like something’s missing and I’m not sure what.  I keep turning around, thinking there’s someone behind me. Weird, I get this every time I finish a book.

Ready Player One

Ready Player One, by Ernest Cline.  What a fantastic book.  I loved it!  His knowledge and research on 80’s culture and video games is outstanding! If you grew up during the 80’s, if you had any interaction with pop culture/geek culture, buy this book.

Nearing the end of the vampire novel

This winter has sapped my energy level, but I’m nearing the end.  Finally. It’s been getting slower and slower, my word count has dropped steadily.  I finally figured out why. I’m going to the badlands.  My wife said the book wasn’t that dark, but as it nears the end, it goes so past dark that you can’t even see dark in the rear view mirror. When everyone has died, when

David Foster Wallace as an instructor?

Having DFW as an instructor wasn’t exactly Chicken Soup for the Soul.  He didn’t care about your feelings, as he told one girl.  She said, “I’m having a real hard time in my personal life right now.”  He responded, “This isn’t psychotherapy.  Nobody cares about your personal life.  We’re going to talk about your writing, and if you have a problem with that, drop the class.” Dave was a grammar

Class with David Foster Wallace

Let’s set the way-back machine for 1994, the first day of advanced creative writing class with David Foster Wallace. Hmm, are we there?  Good. First impression.  Who’s the guy in the doo-rag and the NKOTB t-shirt?  And, why is he chewing tobacco like a fiend? I’m in trouble.  I don’t know what otiose, fecund, or inchoate means. Why is this guy leering at all the girls? He keeps saying if

Word Count

Sometimes my word count comes easy.  Other days it’s pure torture.  An interesting thing I’ve found is that my writing when I’m inspired doesn’t read any better than my writing when every word is a bloody victory. It’s all about BIS.  Butt-in-seat.  If you can get your butt in the seat and get your word count, all is good in the world.